GHV2 – Keeps getting better

Instagram 1








Career resurgence: post-resignation celebration ideas. Marketing houses, you know you like this style.

Instagram 2








Wednesday matinee: I’m all about hanging with my courtside seats.

Instagram 3








The Selfie: and a competition winning costume – as the ace of hearts. Guess the film.

Instagram 4







Celebrity support: my growing mediapersonality begun on that day

Instagram 5








Food for thought: another image for the FoodAppreciation Society (FAS), can you guess what it is?

Instagram 7








Artistry: Could there be a more profound artist than Lil Kim?


Instagram 8








Lifetime goals: becoming a bartender and getting a cat called Mr Snuggums..

Instagram 10








Being a tourist: I later became a star, as Aladdin, the middle eastern hero. Taken in Dubai.








Relaxation: relaxing at the Szechenyi spa in Budapest. It can’t be all work and toil, says Adrian (as he celebrates 2 months of unemployment.

Instagram 9








And finally: status and social mobility in spades now I’m a Lord of Sealand – could this not be the best way to round off another 100 photos and a lot lotta memories? I hope so.


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