Keeps Gettin’ Better – the Immaculate Collection.

10 shots. 10 moments, from the site that inspires a heady combination creativity, pretense, neediness and perceived coolness. I’ve captured100 shots so far that document why the art of photography is the window to my soul (or some other cliche along these lines), tagged from interior design to cultural pursuits to generally nice, materialistic things, get involved, have a look and follow me. @greatbritain1989

Culture: Tucking into some musical sophistication with some hypnotic jazz in New Orleans.


Hometown glory: This is how to run a successful business for customers in Croydon: advertise using (what I presume to be) stolen stationary, deliberately be vague in the nature of the service provided, as well as the gender of the business owner, and… best of all, make sure people know you’re open for business ‘anytime 24-7’ – it can only attract normal, socially intelligent people. The only flaw in this plan is that ‘Ashley’ failed to cover Adam Sandler’s head; competition no matter how bad it is is still a threat to survival.
                                Original quote – It’s a Croydon thing.

1.3Friends: Hanging with the besties #oldfriendsarethebestfriends.


Artistic vision: Creative control

Tempting Addictions: Gambling and travelling #blackpool


Personal Philosophy: Difficult to love, probably worth it in the end.


The Selfie: Or as I tell my camera operative: Shoot me.


Career Progression: It was from this searched for items that have made sure the intellectuals came knocking on my door.


Food Appreciation Society (FAS): My Eat, Pray, Love moment, especially because it was organic.


Animal Appreciation: Lovefools. And I’m mighty jealous of these romantics. Here’s hoping another turtle doesn’t turn this love story into a love triangle…


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