The untouched Madonna

The Pop collection:

Angel – Like a Virgin
I Know it – Madonna
Over and Over; Where’s the Party – You Can Dance
Causing a Commotion – Who’s That Girl
I’m Going Bananas – Dick Tracy OST

Envision a collection of ’80s poptastic tunes, not quite in the mainstream. All of the above represent the early piss and vinegar of youth, as well as the fun of being a twenty-something singer earning the big bucks. Twee lyrics but dependable melodies and catchy choruses. You’ve got the idea…

The pop tart days
The pop tart days

Artistic reaching:

Bad Girl; Waiting – Erotica
I Want You – Something to Remember

On one of her least successful albums, Madonna actually has some of her best tracks. With a fusion of lounge, house and blues music embedded all over the album, the sound is maturer and the vision is certainly more adult. If the title of the album didn’t suggest that, it’s worth putting into context, this album is after In Bed with Madonna, the same time as the SEX book and before the stupendous Body of Evidence movie so universally panned by critics (unfairly).

Madonna particularly scintillates in Bad Girl, a wonderfully lurid number, which isn’t necessarily a showcase of great vocals but more a strategically placed purring. Especially as she confesses very sultrily to Christopher Walken all about sexual mores.

I Want You: Opening with a dog barking, following by a steady, reverberating beat reminiscent of a heart beating heavily; longingly, there is a careful fusion of passion and withdrawal as Madonna covers Marvin Gaye’s best song admirably in a six minute odyssey of passion and raw sexuality. In many ways, this song is a perfect representation of lustful Madonna.

Testing the waters:

Like a Prayer still remains Madonna’s best album for quintessenal pop and hidden musical exploration. Within the 11 tracks lurks Love Song and Till Death Do Us Part, her two best tracks never released. Love Song represents a rare Madonna/Prince collobration deliberately obscured within the album. His genius reverbates on the number where Madonna and Prince fuse together to create an beatnix-esq sound. With few lyrics and limited storytelling, both bounce off each other with carefully embedded backing vocals and the steady, maintained beat of the drum propelling the repressed number along.  Till Death Do Us Part is heavy on storytelling with particularly ripe lyrics – such as:

I think I interrupt your life
When you laugh it cuts me just like a knife
I’m not your friend, I’m just your little wife

Easily, her best individual track never released, especially with the wonderful chorus having that unexpected key change. This is a loaded pop song.

Modern Masterpieces:

Swim – Ray of Light
Runaway Lover – Music
Isaac; Forbidden Love – Confessions on a Dance Floor
Masterpiece – MDNA

Continuing to push for pop, dance and disco beats – here are a few of her latest album tracks that show off why she’s remaining relevant in her fourth decade.

Extra blog track: Gambler is one of her most underground single release. It shouldn’t be though 




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