Positive Thinking

Are we obsessed with temporary things? We tell ourselves we are not worthy. So unhappiness releases positive chemicals because your thoughts are not in check. We need a strong mind through the power of peace. You shouldn’t obsessively think and should let the mind rest.  Don’t be wishing, hoping, wanting. Don’t be wasteful, think of pure, elongagated thoughts.

And so I experienced a new strand of my reintervention. To rejuvinate my look and to feel better about my mindset. Stepping onto Brunswick Street and into the Fitzroy learning center, I knew I was prepared for a suspension of disbelief. Positive thinking felt very much like a Liz Jones article for me at first. I walked into a building that was decorated in cerebal white. The room was carpeted and the seats were of the softest egyptian cotton, the room was regulated to a warm, cosy temperature. The teacher was teaming with the theme of the room, with a full uniform of white. His voice was calm, measured, soft. The anxiety of life was wafting softly out of the room. Like anything to do with embracing the soul, much of the class was spent embracing the you of tomorrow. Surprisingly the teacher started waxing lyrical about the evil root of McDonalds, by quoting an example of the fast food chain being just as abhorent as negative thinking. Negative eating could be alievated by learning and growing, much like a seed. From what we pensively dwelled over the analogy whilst a tape went on.

 The class also pushed towards the psychology of what negative thinking is based on. We by nature are obsessive. True, I agreed. We get into forces of habits which are impossible to break.


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