D-I-S-C-O… from Donna Summer

Disco legend Donna Summer has died, and with it the legacy of D-I-S-C-O sinks a little further into the music archives. Donna was always a favourite of mine, especially when I needed some motivation for my dissertation. Who couldn’t be bang to rights with the world when they were listening to Dim All the Lights. So, to celebrate the High Priestess of Disco, there are my top 3 Donna songs, accompanied by why they’re awesome…and why she’s the star of the late 70s/early 80s.

Enough is Enough:

Ridiculously OTT, this song is a classic of the disco genre. Layer upon layer of superbly rich melodies, melodrama and funk in the same song. Great build up, smashing chorus, a rousing disco essential for the vinyl decks.

Love to Love You Baby:

The ultimate in sexy disco, this was a classic for the times. With people gyrating to the strained erotic moans and wails from Donna (the Christian, no less). Who needed words when you had the sounds of a super-satisfied lady. Donna brings a new type of sultry on to a music record, and it still holds our ears and minds captive everytime.

And the essential:

MacArthur Park:

Before Priscilla: the Queen of the Desert, which used this song with great gusto, I once saw a lounge singer attempt this song, unsurprisingly with none of the aplomb of ol’ Donna. With the lyrics being about baking cakes, you originally think this song is a bit of a bad joke. Once you listen more carefully, you realise this is actually a much more mature, intelligently woven song. Plus it has a ridiculously catchy chorus and euphoric music which rises throughout the song for maximum effect.

Thanks for the music, Donna!


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