Emotionally involved: a brief note

From my experience of traveling, I never fail to fully appreciate how blessed I am in terms of friends and family. The supportive messages have insulated me like a heated fireplace on a chilly December morning. Now that I am in the process of writing up my experiences, I firstly want to be as honest as I can with people about my personal experiences. The really big thing that I always need to work on is emotional involvement. By that, I mean seeing people I don’t know, getting to know them and afterwards letting them go. This is technically the biggest problem I suffer from which is why I have struggled to stay in hostels alone (although there is no doubt in my mind that I should have stayed in hostels far more in America than I actually did).

By alone I mean the experience of going to a new environment by yourself and feeding off the people nearby who you can begin to relate to and share your experiences which you’re dying to tell people of. Of course, I can be judgemental  so there are indeed a few people who I will terminate conversation with pretty quickly, and there are those who are traveling almost senselessly as fast as they can. Even in Australia, there are many who make Australia sound like a country the size of England, purely because they are here, there, everywhere without a pause for breath. I don’t go out of my way to get involved with them either. But there are those who are great conversationalists, and make the two minute grade in no time at all. Once they begin to leave I feel that longing and emptiness which I really think I shouldn’t be feeling. In my spare time in fact, my mind keeps returning to one person in San Francisco who I met so briefly but who fascinated me more than they probably realised. But this is my big thing traveling alone, I people watch and take my moment if the conversation is possible. Once I feel that connectivity, it a real bitch to lose it only days later. I’m writing this specifically to push for the ‘discuss’ option within my circle of friends and family, does everyone else simply deal with it by saying, “yeah, that was great, have a safe trip – NEXT!”

Speaking to one fellow Brit doing her travels, she mentioned a Buddhist sanctuary in Thailand where they do three courses learning meditation and shutting out the outside world, being at peace with the world. Maybe when I eventually hop over to Malaysia, I’ll keep on board to Thailand just to learn about the enlightenment of one’s self. In many ways though, this question of how people relate to traveling is one I can ask continuously, and therefore, as I am treating this blog entry as an attempt at a ‘live journal,’ really though, I’m fishing for your traveling psychology and make no bones about it…


One thought on “Emotionally involved: a brief note

  1. Interesting topic
    I know what you mean. Wherever you travel, you indulge in never ending chitchat, meaningless conversations just to pass the time or to seem social. But sometimes you come across people you really want to talk to, they have something to say, a special story to tell and you become drawn to them. … then comes the “oh I’m leaving tomorrow..”

    I suppose all you can do is be thankful that you met them and hope that you cross paths again. Swap numbers/email and keep in touch throughout your travels. It’s also a chance to be spontaneous and push yourself, “oh you’re leaving tomorrow, how about we do something today/tonight?” in other words MILK IT. These are the people who will potentially make your trip even more special.

    I’ve always wanted to to try that enlightenment scene since Ms.Bowden – that legend. 🙂

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